Background image of the two owners of Onder de Poort, Mieke and Ralph standing in front of their place

An old farmhouse as a life project and all about our business activities

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Image of the entrance and kitchen of Onder de Poort


In 2007, we fell madly in love with the farmhouse built in 1735 around a square courtyard, even though it was in need of a complete renovation. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Moelingen, the westernmost village in the enchanting Voerstreek or Voeren region. During the first few years, we focused on renovating the private residence on the right side of the inner courtyard.

As entrepreneurs and lovers of antiques and collectibles, opening an antique shop in the section on the left was a logical next step. This was just a couple of months after the birth of our youngest daughter in 2014. By July 2017, the works had progressed further, and we were ready to open our coffee bar. You are more than welcome to stop in for a nice cup of coffee with Limburg flan, or to relax with a local beer or nice glass of wine. We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Onder de Poort as much as we love living here.

Warm greetings,

Ralf & Mieke Noteboren-Offermans,

Evi, Imke & Ann